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Why “HEY GOOGLE I NEED A HANDBOOK FOR MY COMPANY” Is Not The Best Solution for Your HR Needs!


We get it.  We want instant gratification and quick answers.  And for many of our daily inquiries, we rely on Google, Alexa, and other digital resources.  How else would we know how long to cook hard boiled eggs? However, when it comes to Human Resources, compliance and employee issues, you better think twice before relying on technology and AI to find real time answers to complicated issues.

But why? It seems easy enough to copy and paste a random handbook from the internet, search a policy template or employment agreement.  After all it is “free” and quick so what could possibly go wrong? The short answer: poorly written and outdated policies and documents that fail to comply with rapidly changing and new regulations can leave an organization exposed to employment-related litigation and significant financial penalties.  According to The Hartford nearly one in five small businesses will face employee litigation, with the average settlement of approximately $40,000. What’s even more frightening, is that 3 out of 4 small businesses don’t have an employee handbook, a simple, yet detailed resource to help protect against potential lawsuits!  Are you willing to take the risk?

Now more than ever, with the everchanging labor laws and regulations, it is critical that organizations take a strategic and rigorous approach in respect to their policies and best practices. Employee handbooks are vital roadmaps that guide how a company actually operates and communicate the expectations of its employees.  A company’s handbook is also a useful tool to showcase the organization’s history, culture, vision, and overall branding of the company.  A googled template simply cannot accomplish all of this!

Without policies and procedures, you may find yourself in legal hot water and unplanned legal fees. Ensuring that your company has well-written and legally compliant policies and procedures will yield returns in organizational effectiveness and company culture, but most importantly, bottom-line results (Isn’t this what every business wants to see grow?).

So how does a small business avoid the perils of mismanaged or non-existent policies? By trusting in the HR experts like Inspire Culture First . Inspire Culture First understands that every small business is unique, and your employee handbook should be too.

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